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This Ancient "Poop Protocol"
Unlocks The Secret to Annihilating Back Pain For Good...
In Just 90 Seconds

These Ancient Cultures had No Netflix. No Amazon.
No Computers or Smartphones.
And... No Back Pain??

Meet The Man Behind The Program

His name is Virgil Pruteanu, Trainer for a team of Olympic weightlifters in the 2012 London Games. A Professional, thanks to him thousands of people are now enjoying a life without pain.

Virgil Pruteanu

"I had cervical spondylosis, with daily headaches, back pains and dizziness. After one session I could say that all my pain disappeared miraculously. Thank you and I recommend your therapy to everyone in need." ̃ Genoveva R."

He created a one of a kind programs that is guaranteed to help you get rid of your back pain!

Introducing the Back Pain SOS

Backpain SOS

Back Pain SOS is designed so that once you have it in your hands, you could say goodbye to back pain forever... right in the comfort of your own home...

Without seeing one more specialist... or getting on another frustrating wait list...

Without getting one more dangerous prescription... or being subjected to painful injections.

And without spending another dime on an insurance copay or deductible.

Back Pain SOS is accessible in full 1080p HD digital format so you can access it whenever is most convenient for you

Here's just a glimpse of what you'll find in the Back Pain SOS program

  • Inside SOS SOLO SEQUENCE you'll learn the following movements and stretches:
  • Table Top - the movement your mother would have killed you for! But go ahead and put your foot ON the Table... so you can get your lower body and lower back in alignment... and get an extra dose of Oxygen... right where you need it.
  • The Flying Ninja - may LOOK complicated, but it's a natural extension of "Feet On the Table" And "Ninja in the Grass." By Standing... or "flying" you can control the depth of the stretch... and the volume of O2.
  • Next is Bow to Royalty - a simple movement utilizing your kitchen table to "BOW"... all while becoming "Back Royalty."
  • 4 on the Floor 2.0 picks up where version 1 left off, but is an adapted version if your pain is too intense for version 1.
  • Sleeping Baby helps train and support your spine like a sleeping baby... It's one of the most relaxing, peaceful, and oxygen-infusing movements inside Back Pain SOS!
  • Rock & Roly Poly will gently guide you through a dynamic movement that elongates your spine... while using the activate pressure points that send hypoxia scurrying!
  • The Crossed Figure 4 is designed for those with significant pain... and can be adapted to the level of discomfort you're experiencing... all the way from slight to powerful.
  • The Pillow Prayer movement is a breathing movement designed to maximize Oxygen intake into your lungs... as well as into your lower back.
  • In part 2 you and your partner will discover:
  • Broom Goes the Drum - where your partner will use a $10 Chinese Broom to lightly tap or "drum" on your back. The percussive taps help unlock blood vessels and capillaries, opening up areas of tightness and hypoxia.
  • 4 Square Elbows - your partner will target the 4 "King Pin" Nerves with their elbows... opening up passageways through your Sacral Plexus to battle hypoxia and stagnancy.
  • Massage Tool 4 Square - will follow the same pattern, but with a $6 massage tool.
  • Racing Stripes - your partner will take the massage tool and run "racing stripes" over your Sacral Plexus... further activating the healthy inflammatory response... so that it works RIGHT. Toxins OUT... Oxygen IN.
  • The Jackknife - is a rocking motion that rhythmically positions your partner's elbows where they can target the Sacral PLexus... relieving hypoxia at its source... by separating soft tissue that was once painfully fused together. The Jackknife Opens cells so toxins get flushed out and Oxygen and Nutrients come rushing in.
  • While in Part 3 of the product, Virgil will demonstrate exactly how to use each tool for maximum efficacy...

If You Order Today, You'll Also Receive

4 Exclusive Bonuses


Why not be rewarded for investing in your back health???

The Better Sleep NOW BONUS VIDEO

If you've ever struggled to get to sleep FAST... then wake up feeling REFRESHED...

Because your back made that virtually impossible...

You're definitely going to want to get your hands on this 4-Move, 5-Minute, get-to-sleep-fast, Bedtime Routine.

Virgil will demonstrate this simple routine as a BONUS DVD and DOWNLOAD if you take action today.

Backpain SOS

"Rise and Shine"

In this powerful 7-Minute routine, Virgil will demonstrate on video...

A "Fall Out of Bed" Easy sequence that will help you start your day feeling more energy and vitality than ever.

DO THIS... before your morning coffee...

DO THIS... before your morning shower...

DO THIS FIRST... and watch how your mornings are transformed from groggy, tight, and sore...

To alert, vibrant, and ready to seize the day.

This Bonus Sequence is comprised of the following 96 movements that simply flow one into the other:


Rise and Shine

"PAIN SOS: Nature's Morphine"

and it's all about how to relieve pain 100% naturally.

Here's the thing: Life happens.

Especially as we age.

We strain this... push that... and bumps, bruises, strains, and sprains are bound to happen.

But what if there was a legitimate alternative to popping a pain pill or an anti-inflammatory (NSAID)?

Wouldn't you want to have nature's best pain-relieving secrets... right at your fingertips?

Well, that's what this special report is all about.

PAIN SOS: Nature's Morphine

"The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet"

This fourth and final SPECIAL BONUS... is a special report you absolutely need in your hands.

It's a special REPORT on how to eat... and what to eat...

To support your body's natural anti-inflammatory response.

You see, there's a dirty little secrets Big Pharma likes to keep from the unsuspecting public and that is this.

As your body ages... it struggles more and more with chronic inflammation.

It's because of a little-known cytokine that occurs...

And if you aren't taking the necessary steps to PREVENT it...

You have no choice but to succumb to its pain-inducing effects.

The SOS Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Backpain SOS bundle
60 days money back guarantee

Virgil is offering you an unprecedented 60-Day
Money-Back Guarantee

If Back Pain SOS doesn't fulfill its promise to help your back become pain-free...

He'll send you your money back!

What doctor, specialist, chiropractor, or therapist has EVER offered a FULL REFUND... if you didn't get the results you want, need, AND deserve?

What healthcare professional has ever made you that kind of iron-clad guarantee?

In truth, Virgil's giving you 60 Days... to prove him RIGHT!

You have nothing to lose... except that dreadful pain in your back right now.